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Aluminium Fabricators in Delhi,Gurgaon

With changing interior patterns, aluminum fabricators are gaining much recognition. They are considered as the ultimate support and power to hold glass efficiently. Not just this; the fabricators are also manufactured to help glasses get fit in the shape of designer windows. The best part of Aluminum Fabricators in Gurgaon, Delhi is that they are available easily in specified colors, which can make your room or office space looking dazzling. In fact, these fabricators are available in different sizes to fit in every bill. This will help people in creating excellent options that will assist them in having wonderful design. In National Capital Region most of the machinery in our factory are imported. We are also looking to import other machinery for increasing our production. The list of Machinery available are:


S.No. Name of Equipment Nos. Make Capacity Age and Condition Present Location
1 Portable Cutting machine 12 Indian 80 mm 05 years, Good Gurgaon
2 Milling machine 1 Indian 35 mm 05 years, Good Gurgaon
3 Copy router 1 Tekna, Italy 150 mm 01 Years, Good Gurgaon
4 Dewail Cutter 1 German Tech. Bajaj India 120 mm 02 Years Gurgaon
5 Electric Pistal Drilling machine 18 Wolf, India 10 mm 02 Years, Good Gurgaon
6 Hammer Drilling machine 20 Wolf, Bosch, India 12 mm 03 Years, Good Gurgaon
7 Compressor 3 Elgi, India 80 CFM 02 Years, Good Gurgaon
8 Cutting off machine with rising blade (Astra) 1 LGF Italy 300 mm 1 Year Gurgaon
9 Mullion Cutting machine (Lola) 1 LGF Italy 140 mm 1 Year Gurgaon
10 Digital display double head cutting machine 1 Judiang, China 4500 mm 1 Year Gurgaon
11 Door window end face milling machine (five blades) 1 Judiang, China 510 x 450 mm 1 Year Gurgaon
12 Single/Double axes milling duplicator 1 Judiang, China 510 x 450 mm 1 Year Gurgaon